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The bully is a side character in Dig2China. They appear on the loading screen to give remarks and tips, and doubt that the kid is able to dig to China.


The bully is a child with light skin who wears a blue, long-sleeved polo shirt and beige shorts. They wear a blue cap backwards over their brown hair, have black eyes, and wear light gray shoes.

Main story[]

At the beginning of Dig2China, the kid can be seen building the digger. He is then asked by the bully what he is doing, to which he then states that he is digging to China.

After the kid digs to China and returns, the bully asks him if he has given up on digging to China. The kid then responds, saying that he already did, but the bully says that they do not believe him. The kid responds saying, "Oh, that's too bad," while looking through the photos he took in China.


  • "Almost done"
  • "Better diggers prolly dig hard layers nicer"
  • "Big gulps huh? Well, see ya later!"
  • "cough"
  • "Eventually gravity wont help him"
  • "He keeps getting more fuel to get deeper"
  • "He might actually pull this off"
  • "He'll never make it to China"
  • "He's keeping cool in the hot layers"
  • "He's making a lotta money from treasure"
  • "Heh heh heh"
  • "Hint: Don't make a bet against this kid"
  • "How did he get out of there?"
  • "How does he find the time for this?"
  • "How has he not given up yet?"
  • "I am error"
  • "I bet he's using the boost in tough areas"
  • "I could go for a soda right now"
  • "I could go for some Chungus soup"
  • "I didn't think he'd actually keep trying"
  • "I feel like someone is watching me"
  • "I need to get me a diamond shovel"
  • "I need to Tom Sawyer this operation"
  • "I should be levelling my warrior right now"
  • "I should buy a bear trap"
  • "I should buy a cement mixer"
  • "I should buy an MP3 player"
  • "I should stop talking to myself"
  • "I wonder what kinda things are down there"
  • "I wonder what's at the center of Earth"
  • "I'll show him"
  • "I'm getting tired"
  • "I'm hungry"
  • "I'm missing my show because of this"
  • "I'm tired of spending my nights this way"
  • "I've heard aliens hide underground"
  • "I've heard there are dinosaurs down there"
  • "It's a secret to everyone"
  • "Just about done here"
  • "Man he just doesn't give up"
  • "My arms are getting tired"
  • "Save your boost for tougher sections"
  • "Sun's almost up"
  • "There are 6 layers of the Earth"
  • "This is becoming a hassle"
  • "This is getting old"
  • "This is gonna take hours to fill"
  • "This is quite the workout"
  • "Turn while slow to make sharper turns"
  • "Ugh"
  • "What time is it?"
  • "Where does he get all his stuff??"
  • "Whoa this is deep!"
  • "Yawn"


  • The bully's line "I bet he's using the boost in tough areas" is a reference to the boost mechanic.
  • The line "I need to get me a diamond shovel" may be a reference to Minecraft.
  • The line "I've heard aliens hide underground" may be a reference to one of the epics, specifically the flying saucer.
  • The line "I feel like someone is watching me" may be a fourth wall break.