Dig2China is a single-player action game developed and published by Innersloth LLC. It was initially released on Newgrounds on January 23, 2015, and saw a mobile release five days later. On Newgrounds, the game runs on Adobe Flash, while on mobile, it runs on Unity.

Dig2China takes place in an American neighborhood, particularly in the kid's backyard. In the game's intro scene, he is seen building the digger, and catches the attention of his neighbor, the bully. After explaining that he is digging to China, the bully doubts that he can do so, and continues to throughout the game. As the player purchases upgrades using money gained from treasure, the digger's performance is improved, allowing for it to dig deeper and more efficiently. Dig2China features 13 different layers that the kid must dig through, each featuring different enemies, fuel, obstacles, and treasure.

Main story[edit | edit source]

At the beginning of Dig2China, the kid can be seen building the digger. He is then asked by the bully what he is doing, to which he then states that he is digging to China.

After the kid upgrades the digger and digs to China, he takes several photos of him at famous landmarks, including the Great Wall of China.

After the kid returns from China, the bully asks him if he has given up on digging there. The kid then responds, saying that he already did, but the bully says that they do not believe him. The kid responds saying, "Oh, that's too bad," while looking through the photos he took in China. Afterwards, he begins thinking what he should do next.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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