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The Dig2China Wiki Discord server is a Dig2China Wiki-official Discord server. The server was created as a means of easy communication between wiki users for wiki maintenance discussion, as well as community building. It was created on February 12, 2021 by Chikorita Lover. Join now!

Server rules

  1. Be friendly with everyone else. Do not promote hate speech and be accepting of everyone.
  2. Refrain from spamming. Everyone is here to have a good time and do not want to be bothered with nonsense.
  3. Do not self-promote. This server is not a place to gain money or viewership from others!
  4. Respect others. Do not harass other members of the server; if someone asks you to stop, please do so.
  5. Keep it appropriate. Use language appropriate for a PG-13 audience, and do not post inappropriate imagery.
  6. Follow channel-specific rules and guidelines. Make sure to check channels' topics and pinned messages before joining in on a conversation!

Keep in mind that moderators may warn anyone for any reason they see fit.


Successful account authentication.

Users may authenticate their Fandom account with their Discord account in the Dig2China Wiki server. To do so, they must use the !wiki verify command in the #bot-commands channel. The command should be followed with their Fandom username, for example, !wiki verify FANDOM.

Users will need their Discord username registered to their Fandom account. To do so, they must go to Special:VerifyUser on Community Central.


Category Channel Topic
Information channels (read-only) #information Welcome to the community!
#server-rules Follow the rules to enjoy your time!
#server-news Read up on the latest server announcements!
#wiki-news Keep up on the most recent wiki announcements!
Text channels #welcome (read-only) Say hello!
#general Talk about anything!
#dig2china Talk about Dig2China!
#memes Send memes for others to see!
#bot-commands Use all Discord bot commands here!
Voice channels #lobby-chat Text channel for those in the lobby voice channel!
Lobby (voice channel) N/A
Wiki channels (requires verification) #wiki-general Talk about the Dig2China Wiki!
#recent-changes (read-only) Logs of the Dig2China Wiki's most recent changes!