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The Manual of Style outlines formatting and spacing guidelines for articles across the Dig2China Wiki.


  • All articles must be written in American English.
  • All articles must be written in third-person narrative, using "the kid" when referring to the kid's actions, or "the player" when referring to the player themselves.
  • Abide by Advanced Placement standards for writing numbers. Generally, all numbers up to nine must be written out, while numbers 10 and above are not.


  • Pages should only be linked to once per page.
    • Infoboxes and tables are exempt from this, and may have up to one link for a page in each parameter.
  • Image captions, including those in infoboxes and galleries, should not have links.


{{Infobox example
|title = Title
|image = Example.jpg
|list = Item 1<br/>Item 2<br/>Item 3

== Header ==
=== Header ===

* Bullet
# Numbering

Image 1.png | Caption 1
Image 2.png | Caption 2

{| class="exampleClass"
! class="exampleClass" | Header
| class="exampleClass" | Item
{{Infobox example|title = Title
|list = Item 1
Item 2<br>Item 3}}



Image 1.png|Caption 1
Image 2.png|Caption 2

{| class="exampleClass"
! class="exampleClass"|Header
| class="exampleClass"|Item